When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess.

princess painting.

Spending hours pouring over lush fairy tale illustrations in my grandmother’s attic, I internalized a vision of landscape inseparable from the drama of life. Climbing trees and running through the fields and woods of Pennsylvania and Virginia, I imagined trolls and unicorns around every bend, visualizing the settings of my favorite myths and novels.

Whenever I find myself in nature, hiking, gardening, or just taking a walk, I photograph scenes and moments that catch my attention for one reason or another. These photographs form a sort of reference library for use in the studio. 

In the abstract paintings, I have used my image library as a jumping off point to explore the interplay of color and light in landscape in an abstracted mode. Some of these pieces reference wilderness; others gardens and domestic scenery. Recent work explores the concept of Nature as Artist: when the refuse of human existence is reconfigured by waves, tides, the flow of a river and the gust of wind, a sculptural composition emerges demanding that we confront our heedlessness.